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Best single-skein project bag
"Gadgety is my go-to bag for small projects. I like the inside pocket to stash a few small notions where they won't get tangled with the project, and the slightly-larger-than-single size works great for the small shawls that I like to know. I am sorry you are discontinuing Gadgety, but I am looking forward to seeing your new styles!"
Thank you Rachel! - Yarn Pop
Single Knitting Bsg
Awesome knitting bags
"Love the bags I bought they are very well constructed."
Thank you Donna! - Yarn Pop
Awesome Bag
"I bought this bag after reading reviews and absolutely love it. Perfect size for my knitting tote, holds the yarn well and I love that the zipper works with yarn."
Great bag for larger project
"I use this bag for my larger projects. Holds everything needed. Love, Love, Love"
Janice Pearce
Great Bag
"This is the best size for small projects. I have one in each of my cars and one in the house. I make Knitted Knockers and it holds everything needed."
Janice Pearce
Wonderful buy
"Love my Yarn Pops. So well made and solid construction. Will buy more very soon."
My go to project bag!
"I love the Totable Bag and I own three of them. I originally purchased the discontinued Lipstick Fleur bag and I still use it ALL the time! The construction and hardware is top quality. The bag is roomy and it works nicely as a cross body bag. I often find myself using it as a combination project bag and purse. I just toss in my wallet and I'm good to go! Definitely worth every penny I paid for it!"
Thank you so much Laura! You’re awesome! - Yarn Pop
Best Bag Ever
"I have Totable Knitting Bag Forever Denim , Double and Single. I now have a new favorite bag. Best yet, it matches what I wear the most Jeans. I carry this bag everyday."
Donna Watkins
Best Knitting Bag
"I love this bag! Not only is it very well made, the grommets allow me to work on projects without feeling rushed to finish. I can take this wherever I go and my projects are always right there with me in perfect condition. One of the best purchases I've ever made."
Tom Baker
Perfect bag!
"This bag is fantastic. Sturdy and good looking, functional and just the right size."
Damaged and replaced
"I bought a bag like this in a different pattern as a Christmas present for my mom. I live in an area where our winters are snowy and wet. When I received the bag it look like it had gotten run over and the mail bag was ripped. When I opened it the Yarn Pop bag was wet and actually had a hole in it. I contacted Yarn Pop right away to get their recommendation. They immediately replaced the one that was damaged for free and shipped it out the day they got my e-mail. This is a fantastic company with great customer service and a great American product!"
Thank you Michelle! So glad it all worked out and appreciate the opportunity to correct this issue. Happy Knitting! - Yarn Pop
Love My Happy Giraffes
"Love this bag for the quality, cheeriness and efficiency of keeping my projects out of the way of curious pets and ease of stashing a project in my purse so I always have something to knit. I have several Yarn Pop bags now to keep my projects intact."
Leslie Wollack
"I have two Pops, the Totable and the smaller one and they are the perfect project bags. The large one can hold a sweater and the smaller one a scarf or socks. I love how the yarn feed keeps my yarn from tangling and they are WASHABLE and sturdy. Just the bomb!"
Thank you Judy! - Yarn Pop
Must Have!
"The new "Forever Denim" Line of Yarn Pops is really special. The durable denim fabric adds extra body keeping yarn clean & untangled. The bright yellow lining makes even the far corners visible. The full-sized jeans pocket is not just cute, it is very functional - large enough to hold all of your favorite notions. This is a must-have yarn accessory; it just happens to be adorable!"
Thank you! - Yarn Pop
Fair Isle Favorite
"In addition to be adorable, these little minis are ideal for color work. You can pull out as much yarn as you need without stopping to unwind. And, unlike any bobbin, you can put 2 yarn colors in one mini - feeding 1 strand through the grommet & 1 strand through the gap at the end of the zipper. Pure genius!"
Color Knitter
Thank you! - Yarn Pop
Better than Perfect!!!
"Wow! I'm not sure how you did it but you took the perfect knitting accessory and made it better. The Forever Denim Yarn Pop Totable is not just a new fabric - it's a new concept. The full-bodied denim fabric coupled with the generous 4" gusset insures that this bag will stand upright holding your largest project or a single sock. The bright yellow lining lights up the inside. No lost stitch markers here! And the two adorable jeans-style pockets on the outside are generously sized to hold notions or a cell phone. This truly is better than perfect!"
Thank you so much for the generous review! We’ll keep working to make things even better! - Yarn Pop
"Craftsmanship, attention to detail, and functionality are all superb."
Thank you Susan! - Yarn Pop
Gadgety = best bag!
"This is the BEST yarn bag! Very sturdy and durable, and the gadget pocket makes all the difference. Perfect for scissors, stitch markers, and even separating one part of the project from another. Even if you don't use the grommet for yarn, it is a very satisfying bag from which to work!"
Thank you thank you thank you Jen! - Yarn Pop
Loving Yarn Pop
"I was looking at all my bags. I have Tote,Clutch,double, and many single. I love them all, each project has its own bag."
Donna Watkins
Thank you Donna! - Yarn Pop
This was my first Yarn Pop bag ♡
"I love this bag. I have an older version and preferry this handle to the one I have, but otherwise this bag is amazing. I love the fabric and the functionality."
Melisa Nielsen
My Fav Project Bag
"Love this project bag. Perfect size to squeeze in my purse or tote of projects. Inside yellow contrasting color is added bonus. 2 grommets for yarn. I just love it!"
Ashley Mitchell
Ashley you’re so kind! Thank you for the lovely comments! - Yarn Pop
Best tote bag
"I've had this tote for awhile now , I get more comments on it . I love it , keeps multiple skeins separate. Great for traveling ."
Susan Davis
Thank you Susan! - Yarn Pop
Beautiful bag
"The bag is roomy and beautiful."
Thank you Melissa! - Yarn Pop
You'll love it
"Love my bag ,very well made and holds a lot. Great for carrying my projects when I'm on the go. Also love the back pack bag when I ride my bike to the yarn store"
susan johnson
thank you! - Yarn Pop
"I love this bag. Lots of room and pockets. Made in the USA goes a long way too"
Love the bag.
"Great quality and though I have lots of knitting gadgets, this is best by far. Just got a new puppy that thinks everything is hers. With my yarn pop everything is keep secure and away from little puppy teeth."
Squeeeeeel !
"I just love my Yarn Pop. It is a roomy bag, perfect for a small project. It is well made, sturdy and the quality is clear it it's craftsmanship. I can tote my yarn and tools. I was so pleased with this one that I also bought the matching clutchable ! Yes these may be pricey but the quality is well worth it and will out last your initial investment."
Squeeeeel !
"I just love my Yarn Pop. It is a roomy bag, well made, sturdy and the quality is clear it it's craftsmanship. I can tote my essentials (Phone tablet wallet etc.) )as well as my project. I was so pleased with this one that I also bought the matching single! Yes these may be pricey but the quality is well worth it and will out last your initial investment."
Great quality!
"Cute bag made with quality fabric in the USA - it doesn't get any better!"
Susan Simonson