Grab Your Yarn Tote and Try These Knitted Gifts

August 29, 2017

Grab Your Yarn Tote and Try These Knitted Gifts

If you have a yarn tote, plenty of yarn and a will to knit, you can create all sorts of awesome gifts for friends and family for birthdays or the holidays. After all, a handmade gift is the type of gift people will certainly enjoy and keep forever. In addition, knitted gifts are relatively inexpensive, can showcase your talent and are very personable gifts. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are one of those gifts that are universally appreciated by anyone who lives in a place where winters bring cold weather. You can find patterns that have interesting shaping but are simple to complete. These types of gloves are easy enough to knit and don't take a whole lot of time.

Coffee Sleeves

Coffee sleeves are great because they are easy to knit, therefore you can make several in a decent amount of time and there are almost endless styles you can choose. This is truly a great gift for friends and family who are never seen without a cup of coffee in their hand.

Soft Baskets   

Knitted soft baskets are better than anything you will find at a container store. You can knit a friend or family member a basket to hold socks or a bowl well-suited as a home for pistachios or other nuts. In fact, we are sure you could think of dozens and dozens of uses for knitted bowls. You can even use knitted bowls to hold your balls of yarn that won’t fit into your yarn bag.

Striped Blankets

The graphic quality is so unique and the opportunity to mix and match a wonderful array of colors makes these types for knitted blankets great gifts. You can choose a simple pattern if pressed for time or choose something a little more intricate.

Wine Cozy

We are betting you have a friend or family member who loves wine. If so, consider kitting them a wine cozy as a gift. Do a simple online search and you will find many super-cute wine cozy patterns, the most difficult part will be narrowing your choices down to just a few.

iPad Cover

Knitting a cover for an electronic device is a thoughtful gift for the techie in your family or group of friends. Any plush yarn is good enough to ensure that iPad or Kindle stays nice and warm this winter.

Grocery Tote

Being green means you bring your own bags to the grocery store when shopping for food. If you want your friends or family members to be stylish while shopping, you can knit them an eco-friendly grocery bag. In fact, knit them a few that are different sizes and patterns, it’s a gift they will love for sure.

Bath Scrubber

For the friend who has everything, knit them a couple of bath scrubbers. These little bath scrubbers are colorful and work quite well. Just make sure you test the yarn first to ensure the color doesn’t run.


Summer days means lots of cold drinks and cold drinks means condensation and ruined tables. Knitted coasters offer your family members and friends a stylish way to protect their furniture from water. Store-bought coasters are quite drab, knitted coasters are unique and certainly a conversation piece.

Boot Cuffs

For the fashionista who is up to par with the latest clothing styles, a knitted pair of boot cuffs makes the perfect gift. We don’t care how many items of clothing and accessories are in her closet, we can bet a pair of these won’t be in there. A unique gift to be sure.

Leg Warmers

If the boot cuffs were a total hit, then next year you can knit her a pair of leg warmers.

Eyeglass Pouch

A knitted pouch for eyeglasses or sunglasses is a gift that will keep giving all year round. It is also a gift that will turn heads and be the start of many conversations as people who see them will just love them.

Book Covers

There is no need to suffer the shame of reading romance novels while on the bus or in other public places when you have a knitted book cover. A knitted book cover looks wonderful and hides the fact you are indulging in a little fantasy romance while on your commute.

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