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Knitting Bags and Knitting Books

June 27, 2017

Knitting Bags and Knitting Books

There are thousands of books, websites and references that will offer information about knitting. And even though you might think you want to take them all into consideration, it would be quite difficult getting through even a fraction of them. There just isn't enough days in a year.

But that’s fine as many of these books and websites offer basically the same information. The internet is full of information, both good and bad, but in order to sift through what is good and what is bad, you need to know exactly what you are searching for.

When searching for a good knitting book, you need to keep in mind that many of them offer the same advice. Again, sorting through all the available knitting books or magazines would be a labor that could last months or even longer.

You probably have a few knitting books or magazines already stowed away in your knitting bag, but you would like a few more. The problem is you don't have time to sort through the sheer number of them.

That’s fine because we can help. Here is a list of websites, books and magazines that should be a part of your knitting arsenal.

A Comprehensive Reference Book

We know, reference books are dull and boring, but they are also invaluable for ant knitter. There are any number of knitting reference books on the market that run the gamut in both substance and style. There are some that strictly follow traditional ways and others that are less formal and off-the-cuff.

The Principles of Knitting is a good choice. It is considered the thesis in knitting and gets revised on a fairly regular basis.

Learning Books

There are any number of knitting books that, at first glance, might look like reference books, but are really knitting books that teach you new processes. These are books that help you think about knitting in new ways, they teach you new ideas and you can actually feel yourself knit better after reading them.

The Knitter’s Book of Yarn is one example of a book that matches knitting knowledge with patterns designed to put what you just learned into action. The Knitter’s Book of Wool is another good example.

Fun Knitting Books

You don't want to have too many knitting reference books, they tend to leave your mouth dry and brain flatlined as they can be rather boring. There are any number of knitting books out there that are just plain fun to read; so much so, that you will likely keep them and read them over and over.

There are a few good knitting books available that will not only make you a better knitter, they do so while keeping you fully entertained. Here is a partial list:

  • Knitting Without Tears
  • Knitter’s Almanac
  • Knitting Vintage Socks
  • The Knitter’s Book of Wool
  • It Itches
  • Knitting Rules

Stitch Patterns

Before the days of Pinterest and Instagram, people would publish books with all of the cool knitting patterns in them. That is, if you wanted to knit a Harry Potter scarf, you had to buy a book to get the pattern.

They still make those types of books today and there are certainly some good ones around. But in this age of technology, we think the best places to search for trendy stitch patterns in on social media.

A Book of Yarn

The choice of yarn you use can make or break an otherwise fine piece of work. So no matter how mad your knitting skills are, you need to back that up with some yarn know-how.

The Knitter’s Book of Yarn goes into great details about the various fibers and their properties and tells you how yarns get their unique characteristics.

By simply understanding yarn better, you can avoid costly mistakes that also wind up wasting a lot of your time. So just remember that yarn is just as important as technique and construction.

Knitting Magazines

For those millennials out there who knit, a magazine is basically an informative website printed on shiny paper. There are any number of excellent publications including Vogue Knitting, Knitscene and Knit Simple.

Knitting magazines are more of something you need to discover for yourself as they are all about personal taste.

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