Knitting Bags and Reasons to Knit

August 29, 2017

Knitting Bags and Reasons to Knit

When many people think about knitting, the first thing that comes to mind is a little old lady sitting in a wooden rocking chair creating a sweater that is as ugly as it is totally the wrong size. The itchy creation will be worn once, for the sake of grandma and then banished to the back of the closet for the rest of eternity.

There is also a lot of confusion and misinformation concerning what people knit. That is, you can knit more than just an ugly, itchy sweater and a 12-foot scarf.

If you were to take the time to do a little research on knitting, you would be very surprised to discover it is a hobby loved by people of all ages. You will also be surprised at all of the very cool things people knit.

Now, just for a moment, forget about your pre-existing notion of what you believe knitting to be and toy with the idea knitting is cool, even hip. Then buy some yarn, knitting needles and order a knitting bag from Yarn Pop and go on a knitting adventure.

Become a Fashion Designer

As a child, you cut out countless pictures out of style magazines and fused them together to create your own line of fashion. As a teen, you were the one who wore two different types of socks to school, by accident, of course, only to start a hip new trend.

If you want to show the world you have what it takes, the ideas, the color schemes and the styles, to be a fashion designer, start knitting.

Start with something rather simple, like a scarf or a beanie and deviate from a popular pattern, just a little bit the first few times and create something totally new. And then break the rules; combine styles, colors and patterns in ways nobody has seen before. There is nothing that compares to wearing something you make that nobody else on this planet owns. It only gets better when you get compliments on it. The high peaks when you are asked if you could make one for a friend.

Shopping for Yarn is so Fulfilling

Shopping for yarn in this day and age is in itself a hobby. Gone are the days you were limited to the colors and style offered by your local discount store. Specialty yarn shops are everywhere and offer aisles and aisles of yarns you can't even imagine.

You can choose from metallics and chunky pastels, anything you have ever imaged is available. Just make sure you arrive at least an hour before closing time to give yourself enough time to mull things over.

Holidays are More Rewarding
During the holiday season, you often leave your local discount store disappointed with the gifts you bought for Christmas. It is hard enough finding items people like and even harder finding gifts that are unique or remotely special.

But people who knit never have a hard time discovering great gifts because they make their own awesome stuff. In fact, our previous article lists a number of great gifts you can knit. You should check it out!

Knitting Relieves Stress

The causes of stress are everywhere in our lives, from work to the line at the grocery store to the traffic you must fight to get home in the evening.

One way to find relief from stress is to pour yourself a hot mug of your favorite tea, settle down in your favorite chair and knit.

Take it from us, it sure beats scrolling through Facebook or watching reruns of Friends.

After an hour of knitting, you will feel freer, your head will be clear and all of that negative energy will have been transformed into something bright and positive. Good vibes, man.

Keeps You Sharp

Common wisdom has it that brain games and puzzles keep the brain sharp over time. We’ll have you know that two knitting needles and a skein of yarn do the same. There are any number of studies that show a strong correlation between people who engaged their minds in books, puzzles or crafts and their ability to fight off cognitive impairment.

That’s right, knitting just might protect your brain.

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