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Knitting Bags and Totes and Other Accessories

June 27, 2017

Knitting Bags and Totes and Other Accessories

Regardless your craft, a certain set of tools or accessories are needed to properly execute the wares of your trade or skill. For example, a painter needs a quality easel to place his canvas upon, a woodcarver needs a sharpener to keep his knife functioning at an optimal level and a jeweler needs wire to piece together a beaded necklace.

When it comes to knitting, it can be somewhat difficult to know what you need and what you don't really need when you are first starting out. You have yarn and knitting bags and totes, that is a pretty good start as you at least have something to keep all of your stuff in.

There are some basic supplies you need to have on hand to make your knitting experience a fun experience and not something that turns out to be frustrating.

Big Knitting Needles

You won’t be starting off knitting anything too fancy, so a pair of long, large straight needles is just fine. Bigger needles and bigger yarn are far easier to work with if you are new to knitting. They will save you a whole lot of frustration in the long run.

There are many different types of needles available on the market, but if you are on a budget, aluminum or plastic work well. Be aware that these types of needles are smooth and might present a problem with stitches slipping off. If this is the case with you, wood or bamboo needles are also a great choice and your stitches will not slide off as easily.

Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are a fast and easy way to ensure you successfully complete all of your knitting projects. When you knit stitches into a pattern, place the stitch marker over the place you want to track. You then simply continue to knit.

Knit Counters

Beginners and seasoned knitters alike sing the praises of knit counters. It is a good idea to have two of them as you will need one to count stitches and one to count rows. There are many knitting patterns where it is important to keep track of the rows.

Point Protectors

Point protectors perform two very important functions; they protect the point of your needles from damage when they are not being used and they can be used to keep your stitches from falling off the needle when you are no longer working on the project.

Say you decide to stop knitting to get a cup of tea, you place the point protector on the end of the needle that is holding the stitches and you can leave without worry of losing any work.
Measuring Tape

Not every knitter will use and therefore won’t need a tape measure, but anyone knitting a scarf will want one. Without one, you will wind up with a scarf that is either too short or too long.


The thing with scissors is that there is never a pair handy when you need them most. For this reason, even though you might have several pairs of scissors floating around your home, you need a pair that is strictly for knitting and should be kept in your knitting bag so they are handy and can be easily found.

Blocking Pins

Once you start knitting a sweater or anything that is lace related, you will need to block them into shape. You will do this by using a whole lot of blocking pins.

Needle Gauge

There will be a time when you need a specific size needle and you spend time searching for what you need because the needles are unmarked or the mark has long rubbed off. A needle gauge will save you a lot of time and frustration.

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