Knitting Jokes, Knitted Zombies and Knitting Bags

May 31, 2017

Knitting Jokes, Knitted Zombies and Knitting Bags

Knitting is clearly being embraced by people from all walks of life who benefit from its relaxing and peaceful repetition. But what is really going on when people knit and why is it so tremendously popular?

As it turns out, knitting has an incredible amount of health benefits. Knitting is used as a way to ease stress, it is used to manage chronic pain and knitting connects people and turns a solitary activity into a social one.

But truth be told, there is still a stigma attached to the act of knitting. Without a doubt, there are plenty of knitting jokes to be heard. For example:

A police officer pulls alongside a car speeding down the road and is astounded to discover that the blonde behind the wheel is knitting. She was oblivious to the flashing lights so the officer uses his bullhorn and yells “Pull over!”

“No!” the blonde yells back, “It’s a scarf!”

We’ll give you a minute to stop laughing and wipe the tears from your eyes.

Knitters are laughing at this joke, those who don’t knit are either scratching their heads or pretending they understand it.

Perhaps part of the problem is how knitters are stereotyped. When the public, in general, thinks about knitting, a vision of a little old lady sitting on an afghan-covered chair with knitting bags and cats by her side comes to mind. Of course, she is knitting a scarf or a sweater that will inevitably be too big for the recipient.

The truth is that people of all ages knit, and they create more than scarves and mittens. In fact, there are any number of odd, trendy, weird things that you can knit.

Big Bow Tie

As far as knit bow ties for your hair go, the bigger the better. Knitting a hair bow tie is easy and fun and you can never have too many hair bows.

iPad Case

Use your mad knitting skills to create an iPad case that not only protects your investment, it looks pretty cool as well. Check out the price of iPad cases at any retail outlet and you will see how much money you stand to save creating your own.

Knitted Parasol

Turn that rather boring knitted lace shawl into a parasol and you have instant portable shade. A parasol is a knitted piece that is both fashionable and functional.


Zombies have been a subject of fascination as of late. Knitted zombies are certainly less horrific than cute, but something about them is very appealing and even decorative.


If you don't like the window coverings at Bed, Bath and Beyond, grab some colorful yarn and knit your own. Take the guesswork out of what to do by finding patterns available online.

Rock Cozies

Rock cozies are the perfect gift for the person in your life who collects rocks. Just saying.

Tree Cozies

If you are worried your maple tree will be too cold in the winter, knit a tree cozy to wrap around the truck. The tree will appreciate it and it makes a colorful addition to your yard. Remember, curb appeal is important.

There are plenty more knitting ideas just waiting to be created by you.

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