Knitting Tote and Knitted Socks

July 27, 2017

Knitting Tote and Knitted Socks

There are an awful lot of knitters out there who are obsessed with socks. Some might think because winter will be here before you know it bringing cold and wet weather and nothing feels warmer on your feet than a pair of knitted socks.

Well, that might be one reason for the knitted sock obsession. But we think it runs a whole lot deeper than that. These knitters with a sock obsession are crazy about socks all year round, not just in the winter. If you want a pair of knotted socks in May, no doubt you know of a friend or relative who will be up for the project.

This is because when it comes to knitted clothing, socks are on the top of the list for many people. Maybe it’s due to the comfort or warmth that knitted socks offer. It is also likely that knitted socks are popular because you can knit them in crazy patterns and vibrant colors. Any style of clothes you wear can be highlighted by a great pair of knitted socks.

Knitted socks are also popular because knitters love to knit them. We’ll say that again; knitters love to knit socks. There are a few reasons this holds true; socks are easy to knit, you can get very creative knitting socks and socks fit very well in your knitting tote bag.

There are other reasons why knit socks are the bomb.


Hand-knitted socks can be made to fit perfectly, custom made if you will. Some might wonder what the big deal is. Trust us, once you have worn a pair of socks that fit you like a glove, you will never go back to stock socks again. Custom fitted socks are just far more comfortable than any socks you buy at the store.

Easy and Fun Project

Knitting socks is a light and easy project that is perfect for people on the go. All you need is a small knitting tote and you can bring your sock project with you to appointments, work and even to the beach.

People Always Need Socks

The beauty of socks is that they do wear out. This is great because it means that you will always know somebody in need of a pair of socks, you will always stay busy. And the more socks you knit, the better you become and the more intricate the patterns.

Ideal Gifts

Forget the fruitcakes, underwear and check for $5, you need to knit socks as gifts for the family. Not only will knitting socks as a gift give you pleasure, the recipients are sure to love their socks.

New Techniques

Socks are the perfect canvas for trying out new stitches and new techniques. It is a lot less daunting trying a new technique on a pair of socks than a full-length sweater to be sure.


Hand-knit socks have personality, which brings out the uniqueness in the people who wear them. The socks you buy at the shop are dreadfully boring and really don't have anything to offer.

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